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When you think about milking, you generally don't think only about aspects of milk quality and economy, but also about a rigid schedule and the frequent need to be present in the barn. In this brochure, we want to shown you how it need not always be this way. By the use of our new milking robot "MIone", you can achieve an optimum level of flexibility – both for the development of your farm as well as for your personal time management. Based on well thought-through planning and the use of mature technology you can create the latest milking centre on your own farm. As the cows determine their own milking time, you are left with more time for herd management or other activities, which otherwise must always come further down your to-do list. In this respect, the proven milking technology of GEA Farm Technologies offers high milk quality combined with the optimum comfort for your cows.

If you are thinking of buying a milking robot, then you should be aware of all the advantages that an automatic milking system can offer. At the same time, you should also be aware that you can't simply replace your conventional milking parlour with a milking robot.  To convert milk production to an automatic milking system, you need

The Barn Concept

If you are thinking of buying a milking robot, then you should be aware of all the advantages that an automatic milking system can offer. At the same time, you should also be aware that you can't simply replace your conventional milking parlour with a milking robot. To convert milk production to an automatic milking system, you need...

  • to define your targets,
  • analyse all the processes in your farm for their suitability for incorporation in the new system,
  • develop a new barn concept bearing in mind all the existing equipment.
  • In the appendix to this brochure, you can find examples of different barn concepts.

GEA Farm Technologies will be happy to support you in adapting these examples to meet the circumstances of your own farm and in all phases of the switch over to the MIone milking robot.

Defining targets

Excess food, fresh water and a comfortable, clean lying area - from the viewpoint of the cow, these are quickly and easily defined. For you as the operator of a dairy farm, the inexpensive and yield-optimised production of high-quality milk are more important.

Analyse processes

If you would like to integrate an automatic milking system into your farm, other processes, e.g. feeding, will most probably also require adjustment or optimisation. To achieve optimum results, it may also prove necessary to modify the entire production process. This is frequently an unavoidable step on the road to improved growth and yields.

Developing the barn concept

There are various concepts for barn layouts. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and they are not all suitable for use on every farm. Both planning of the overall barn layout as well as the intelligent subdivision of the interior areas form part of a well thought-out barn concept. The following areas should be given particular consideration in the design of a cow-friendly barn concept:

  • Lying areas
  • Feeding area(s)
  • Holding area
  • Selection area
  • Calving area

The Milking Centre

A dairy herd does not permanently consist of milkable cows alone, rather it also includes dry cows, cows that have just calved, heifers as well as temporarily ill animals, etc. It is these "exceptions" in particular that require particular care and cause a disproportionate amount of work.

In contrast to decentralized solutions, with individual milking boxes in which the focus is solely on the milking of "normal cows", for GEA Farm Technologies the concept of the milking centre is the focus, so that the operator is able to optimize his work with the entire dairy herd. The Multibox-System MIone is ideally suited for this and can be perfectly integrated.

Hence the milking centre is more than just a location in which the cows are milked: it is a working area, that concentrates all necessary functions and equipment at a single point.

Expandable Capacity

The milking robot MIone can be bought as a single box system and expanded to a Multibox-System with up to 5 milking boxes. The possibilities for the long-term development of your farm are considered right from the system planning phase. Thus you can decide on an increase in capacity at any time, by simply adding a further milking box.

The milking centre with Multibox-System has clear advantages in comparison with existing single box systems:

  • In the milking centre concept, the space for expansion is already considered.
  • The addition of further milk boxes is achieved by simple flanging on to the existing system. The new milk box(es) must only be erected and connected in the provided places.

Automatic Animal Selection

The core thought behind the milking centre is the in corporation of a holding area with preselection as well as the option of also selecting animals after milking.

Preselection So the capacity of the milking robot is optimally used, GEA Farm Technologies routinely employs the principle of "selectively guided cow traffic": The cows are automatically selected according to their readiness for milking. Cows which the computer recognizes as ready for milking, are guided into the holding area of the milking robot. All other, not yet ready for milking animals, are sent directly to the feeding area.

Guided Exit

Prior to the actual milking box accesses, there is a driving passageway. The gates to the driving passageway are switched in parallel with the gates to the milking boxes.

Animals that are exiting from the milking box are thus guided directly to the eating area or optionally to an additional selection, in which the animals are sorted into various barn areas.

Free Exit

In contrast to the Guided Exit, there is NO driving passageway in front of the robot. Milked animals pass through the holding area and preselection back to the barn area. Animals whose milk yield remains below an adjustable threshold value, can be directly reselected back to the holding area.

This option is of particular interest to farms in which for building layout reasons, a direct integrated additional selection in the milking centre cannot be realized.

Milking and Technology – Step by Step

According to the principle of selectively guided cow traffic, preselection ensures that only cows that are ready for milking are allowed to pass through to the robot. All other cows are guided directly to the feeding area. This guarantees optimum loading of the system.

The Milking Box

The milking box comprises a rugged stainless-steel structure. It is not an enclosed confining cabin but rather stands out because of its open design. The wide opening access gates mean the cows can enter easily, while, on the other hand, the open design provides you with a better view of your animals and, moreover, provides you with better access to the udder.

How it Works

The cow enters a free milking box and stands comfortably on a floor that is covered with rubber mats. The cow is identified via a Responder or Rescounter (additional activity measurement) and its data is requested from the computer. The robot shifts the feeding basin based on the individual animal data and in so doing matches the box length to the size of the animal ("automatic indexing"), so that the cow is correctly positioned for the application arm. Now the individually calculated feed quantity is precisely allocated in small portions.



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