GEA Monobox

GEA’s cooling systems help you to optimize your farm’s success through intelligent, sustainable technology in clean, hygienic surroundings. The Monobox’s frequency-controlled pumps transfer your milk steadily and gently to the milk room. Beyond that, GEA offers a variety of options to create the ideal cooling system to suit your facility’s size and needs. Fromplate coolers to storage tanks and heat recovery – GEA cooling solutions allow you to design a system as unique and individual as your farm. And with our buffer and bulk tanks, your valuable milk stays safe and cool

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Focus on the essentials With an unobstructed view of each cow and easy access to the udder, the operator can freely intervene in the milking process at any time. A system integrated mechanical milking arm shifts the milking cluster into an ideal postion below the cow so each teat cup can attach in a matter of seconds.Kick-proof LED lighting illuminates the cow’s udder for full visibility. Your special needs cows can be handled more efficiently and comfortably with the appeal of modern-day management.

GEA’s latest robotic milking system for small-to-medium-sized herds.

With its innovative functions, GEA’s Monobox allows you to design and  organise the tasks of daily herd management more efficiently than ever before. Just tap the touchscreen to see key production data. Because the unit can be integrated seamlessly into your existing barn design, you can monitor and tend to selected animals quickly and easily. All activities can be quickly completed in a clean and efficient working environment with the highest of technology. 

Why invest in the Monobox?
• Improve udder health and milk quality1602017 Monobox Brochure LowRes GB 529862 tcm11fgbgrbthrough complete and consistent udder
hygiene routines
• Free up resources to make daily
planning and routines more flexible
and effective
• Save time and improve profits.

The smart manager’s high-tech tool The GEA Monobox incorporates highly innovative functions on a touchscreen display. In Live View mode, real-time events can be monitored in easy-to-read graphs. You can also effortlessly switch the control panel to monitor all the key production parameters. The intuitive interface greatly simplifies handling, and the system automatically alerts you to any changes. With such sophisticated software, you’ll manage your herd better than ever! 

“It is not about robotics – it is about investing in automation to help you do a better job."

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