DairyPro Q is much more than just another milking parlour It is a milking system where every function is fully automated.

Described by GEA spokesman Steve Pretz “as a game changer. Our customers are not only seeking more efficient and profitable businesses, but young people coming in to agriculture want to work to live, not live to work.

The world’s first fully automated external rotary parlour, performs everything from teat preparation and preliminary milk sampling, up to the removal of the teat cups and post-dipping.

There is also intermediate disinfection of the teat cups and external cluster cleaning between cows. Each cow stall has an individual robot arm which extends from the side of the stall and directs the MilkRack to the udder. The camera on the arm will detect the teats and attach the cluster. DairyPro-Q

After the cluster is removed it is rinsed inside and out as well as being disinfected with peracetic acid. The milker will be there to oversee proceedings – one person can milk between 130 and 400 cows per hour depending on the size. Units range from 28-80 milking stalls per system.

The system has won a number of awards including Best New Product Award at the UK Dairy Day and Gold Medal at EuroTier in 2014. It was also recognised for its innovative technology at AgriScot in November 2015.

The DairyProQ is a continuous and efficient milking process especially suitable for  large dairy farms. The DairyProQ is a modular based system, which allows for maintenance on a unit to be performed in normal working hours in a dedicated service room. Milking is uninterrupted by simply blocking the affected stall. Consistent precision starts in the cup The milking stall module of the Monobox works consistently and indpendently, day or night. Cows are creatures of habit and welcome the standardised, precise milking routine that takes place in the openly designed box.

Each step – from teat cup attachment to teat stimulation, cleaning or pre-dipping in applicable countries, drying, pre-milking and milking,all the way through to post-dipping – is part of a uniform, quick and comfortable process that takes place in-liner – in one single attachment, for each quarter. The consistent routine, impeccable hygiene and gentle protection within the teat cup are the keys to excellent milk quality It also allows for an individualised approach to maximising your farm’s operational efficiency because this exceedingly compact milking station can be seamlessly integrated into your preferred housing design. In addition to premium quality milk, the Monobox ensures outstanding teat cleaning, an optimal milk harvest process, and a stall designed for comfort to keep every cow in the herd healthy, productive, and profitable.


Using automation increases efficiency without relying on staff, cows are stimulated properly for rapid milk let-down, teats are accurately dipped and the performance never waivers.

The system has already shown tangible benefits: production is up on average from 8kg/cow/day to 33kg; high yielders are topping 42kg. And somatic cell counts are down from 260,000 to 90,000, partly attributed to the cows being housed in a new building.

Units are available from 20 to 80 stalls, and with capacities of 120 to 400 cows per hour, so there should be a system to suit most enterprises.




“It is not about robotics – it is about investing in automation to help you do a better job."


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