Automation is the best option if you want to improve productivity of your farming operations and profits for your shareholders. Producing more from less requires investment in the most up to date technology.

At Milfos we understand that development of your business can take time. While you might be focused on your end game, today your budget may only allow a more modest investment. This is why we have developed a comprehensive upgrade path throughout our product range.

From a basic system to a highly automated management system we have the best options to suit your requirements.

Milfos offers a complete product line for Milking Point Management. From an automated cluster remover to milk yield recording device we have a solution to meet your needs.

Our systems are designed with a comprehensive upgrade path. This allows you to purchase at an entry level and upgrade without losing your initial investment.

A major benefi t to the owners of our systems include low operating and maintenance costs. We design systems to be energy effi cient with minimal maintenance.

If your focus is a full management system you need to ensure that your milking point hardware is robust, easy to use and reliable. Milfos has designed practical solutions for improved cow fl ow through the parlour. Easy system activation, quick vented rams with powerful retraction, accurate end of milking sensors and fl exible software control are all essentials for milking large herd numbers of cows quickly and effi ciently.



Milking a large number of cows quickly and effi ciently requires specialist tools at milking time. The iHDR100 Ram has been engineered as a heavy-duty solution to meet the needs of todays demanding milking environment.

A powerful 100mm bore provides retraction power for any cluster removal system. This power is also essential when used with cluster drop systems.

The retraction speed is governed by an adjustable regulator which ensures the cluster is removed smoothly with minimal cluster swing. The vacuum cylinder is made from high tech plastic mouldings impregnated with a Tefl on coating for long operating life. The ram features multiple pulleys so you can select a stroke ratio from 1:1, 1.5:1 and 2:1.

The cord is made from a special braid developed specifi cally for the application with maximum fl exibility and durability with minimal absorption of water and effl uent.

The operators job is made easy thanks to the quick vent system integrated in the head of the ram. This saves up to 60% effort pulling the cord out of the ram.

Other innovative design features that can be integrated into the automation package include onboard ACR controller, control solenoids and more.



The iCRS system has been designed to make rotaries more effi cient and reduce labour at milking time.

The iCRS system is connected and controlled by the automatic cluster remover installed on the rotary platform.

The cow restraint drops down behind the cow when the cluster is attached which keeps the cow on the platform if she has not fi nished milking. This reduces labour requirements at the clusters off area.

Using a chain behind slow milking cows is a thing of the past. Now the operator simply attaches the cluster to the cow and the system is automated from that point.

The system consists of machined hinges, a plastic strap and an iHDR100 Ram that controls the operation.

The flexible strap that retains the cow on the platform is a key feature. The system does not use fi xed metal arms that can be dangerous at pinch points around the rotary creating a working hazard for operators. The system can be fi tted to all types of rotary platforms and automated cluster removers on the market.

Advanced features such as retention of the cow for low milk, kick off or milk quality problems is also possible with the iCRS system.



iCR offers features previously only available with high-end automation systems at an affordable price. Designed for simplicity, the system is easily fi tted, easily commissioned and is made easy to operate due to the innovative product design.

With iCR the operator is in full control of the milking point. The LED’s and warning strobe lamps located in the head of the ram indicate the mode of control and if a problem occurred during milking.

iCR is a highly iNTELligent cluster remover.



iNTELSCAN EL offers you the building blocks to your future success. With this highly accurate cluster remover you can upgrade at any time without losing your initial investment. Milk metering and a fully integrated herd management system with cow ID and drafting are all part of the iNTELSCAN range of products that aredesigned to improve your productivity. Designed to meet your budget today and your farming requirements into the future.


Drop Down System

The Drop Down System has been designed for rotary applications and can be used with all Milfos ACR solutions. This innovative feature has many benefi ts for the operator and the cows alike.

The ACR controllers allow the clusters to be dropped and pass underneath the bridge area where the cows enter and exit. The cluster is then picked up and presented to the operator for attachment to the next cow.

This allows cows to enter and exit the platform without becoming entangled in the cluster, and milk and air tubes. This improves cow fl ow onto the platform as the entrance for the cows is clear. There are no obstructions such as hanging clusters or twisted rubber tubes.

Removing the cluster from the entry and exit area and reducing cows becoming tangled in cords, clusters, and rubber tubes also minimizes damage to ACR’s and clusters.

The flexible end on the Drop Down Strut prevents injury to the operator while still allowing the cluster to hang over the edge of the platform in the operating zone.

The drop signal for the ACR is sent via two means. In the case of full iDATAFLOW systems, an RS485 network message is sent from the PC to ‘drop down’ or ‘pick up’ the cluster on either side of the bridge.

In stand alone systems, a signal is sent via an infrared remote, one mounted on each side of the bridge. The remote is programmed to send either a ‘drop down’ or ‘pick up’ signal depending on its location.

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