DairyManagementSystem 21
The information expert With new reproduction management tools

Precision Livestock Farming
Best equipped for the future with DMS 21

Today, anyone who wants to produce milk successfully must have a firm grasp of all of the critical factors. Allrelevant information must therefore be available and monitored and important decisions made and implemented at the right time. The forward-looking Dairy- ManagementSystem 21 is your dependable partner here: maximum flexibility for minimal cost – the best conditions for a successful future.

Precision Livestock Farming - more than just electronic animal identification

In order to be "better equipped" in the future the agricultural business must have the electronics to control the various working processes. It is clear that, in addition to recording data, data monitoring, data maintenance, control and the interactive exchange of data is becoming more and more important. DairyManagement- System 21 from GEA Farm Technologies will help you keep ahead now and in the future.

With electronic animal ID, DairyManagementSystem With DairyPlan C21 records production data automatically.

Details of milk quantity, conductivity, feed quantities, weight and activity measurement then provide important information for optimal herd management.

Helping to make decisions and controlling decisions.

DairyPlan C21 therefore not only provides the basis for making decisions, it also lets you control the success of how the decisions are implemented in detail. Dairy- ManagementSystem with DairyPlan C21 for successful milk production:

  • Optimising yield
  • Optimising herd health
  • Optimising herd fertility
  • Optimising feeding
  • Optimising working efficiency
  • Ensuring product quality


3000 SA/3000/5000… and the route is set

With AutoSelect you set the route for your animals!

Careful treatment and inspection of the animals is a basic requirement for a healthy and productive herd. With the segregation gates from GEA Farm Technologie, manually searching for and constantly segregating your herd is a thing of the past!

GEA Farm Technologie offers different systems for automatically separating individual animals or groups of animals, efficiently, quickly and reliably.

But how can an effective segregation system work without a lot of expense?

No matter which system you choose, the AutoSelect 3000/3000 SA and 5000 segregation gates will save you a lot of valuable working time. Positioned at the exit of the milking parlour, your animals individually pass through the segregation area. Depending on the intended treatment, the animals will be quickly and reliably separated from the herd. The system functions simply by using electronic animal identification, either in conjunction with the DairyManagement System 21 or as a “stand alone” system. With a data connection, all that is needed are a few really simple entries on the milking parlour terminal or the office computer.


CowScout S
The messenger for productive periods

Productive times with CowScout S

CowScout S reliably indicates the best time for insemination. Convenient alarm functions ensure that you don‘t miss any activity reports. That means: You and your staff are always on time, and never receive the information too late. Reduce reproduction costs while simultaneously optimising your milk production and breeding success. CowScout S allows you to react in real-time!

A CowScout is always prepared

The CowScout S Responder is wide awake, day in, day out: A sensor monitors the motions of the animal at all times and reports measured activity via antennas to the processing unit in brief, regular intervals. It analyses and saves data from all CowScout S Responders and indicates high activity for individual animals immediately.

CowScout S - the right choice.

With an internet connection you can use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to see all reproduction data the system provides for each cow. If configured accordingly, CowScout S sends the respective activity alarm directly to you, your staff or insemination technician. This ensures that all parties involved are informed promptly and punctually.


The smart way of mobile herd managing.

CowView, the handy management tool.

Dairy herds are getting bigger and milk yield is increasing. 200, 500 or even 1,000 animals place high demands on care and organization. Simply take management matters into your own hands: GEA CowView keeps an eye on every animal, provides information about oestrus activity, gives early warning about diseases, helps with outstanding tasks and ensures perfect communication between all participants

Keep an eye on every cow 24/7.

GEA CowView monitors and analyses your animals individually and around the clock, to ensure that important measures can be introduced and implemented immediately. In order to guarantee a consistently good condition of your animals, you, your staff and external service providers need to know precisely what has to be done, when and with which animal: Herd managers, inseminators and hoof trimmers – if necessary, GEA CowView will inform the relevant specialists. Think economically, profi t from time savings and ensure effective utilisation of valuable employees right from the start!

Real-time monitoring.

Maintaining large herds requires diligent management teams with precise knowledge of each animal's condition. Does any farmer have the time to inspect 200 or 2,000 animals.

GEA CowView puts you on level terms with every animal in the cowshed: in real-time, daily and week after week. This means that you not only receive information about current behaviour and health status, it also tells you precisely where to fi nd the animal that needs treatment!


DPMobil 2 & DMS21 V-Scan
One team for mobile data acquisition

Save time with location-independent data acquisition!
DPMobil 2 &DMS21 V-Scan

Mobile data capture provides an optimum alternative to a “paper chase” right where you need it, directly in the barn. Oestrus detection, metabolic problems, pregnancy checks or mastitis infections; such animals can be identified, treated appropriately and documented.

DMS21 V-Scan

The DMS21 V-Scan handheld reader rounds off the mobile data acquisition package. The V-scan handheld reader electronically reads the responders, rescounters or ear markers (134 kHz ISO) and transfers the data via Bluetooth to DPMobil 2.

However, even as a standalone unit DMS21 V-Scan is an important aid. The associated software helps you to develop your own applications. In addition, V-Scan has important diagnostic functions for identification!


Lifetime ID tag system

Lifetime ID tag system: The alternative solution

GEA Farm Technologies offers market leading and accurate identification systems as a premium product through its DairyManagementSystem 21 ID system. The new FDX/HDX ID system identifies high quality lifetime ID tags distributed by official organisations. It can be integrated into all types of GEA Farm Technologies technology, using ID systems to operate parlour ID, sort gates and feeding systems. Take advantage of the highest GEA Farm Technologies quality ID installations to identify lifetime ID tags for cows:

  • High-tech components
  • High quality sender / receiver and antenna
  • Professional installation
  • Optimised installation with the ID lane (group parlours, rotaries, sorting)
  • Reduced identification failures caused by animals that push past one another
  • Plastic components reduce interferences
  • Stable construction


Including Rescounter II technology

Get on top of herd fertility

HeatWatch uses the Rescounter II to record a cow’s level of activity over two-hour intervals. Whenever the cow walks over an ID aerial this data is transferred to DairyPlan C21, the PC-based herd management system, which alerts you to high levels of activity. HeatWatch may be stand-alone or integrated into a full herd management system.

Benefits at a glance

  • Less work - saves time;
  • Accurate activity monitoring every 2 hours 24/7;
  • Reports identifying cows with high activity levels and “suspects”;
  • Confirmation of the right time for insemination;
  • Less straws per cow - lower insemination costs;
  • Bulling cows are identified even if you are not there to see them;
  • Early identification of fertility problems;
  • More milk per cow per year and more calves;
  • Fast return on investment and greater profitability.


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