SCHURR cow-brush 2-brush-system Type B00 for milking cows

The milk performance of your cows depends on the welfare and cow comfort of your animals - only healthy and groomed milking cows getting a good milk performance!

With our SCHURR 2-brush-system we’re increasing the animal welfare.

Since 1991 we are producing cow-brushes with two brushes. Nowadays automatic cow-brushes are the standard equipment on the farms.TopAgrar survey - SCHURR was the best.

It’s an established fact that using our SCHURR 2-brush-system increases the well-being of your cows. Regular brush massage improves the blood circulation.

Our SCHURR cow-brush 2-brush-system fulfils optimal the demands and needs of your cows. With one horizontal and one vertical brush a selective cleaning of the back, breast and sides is possible.

A lot of veterinaries and thousands of farmers are recommending our SCHURR cow-brush for the daily brush massage of milking cows.

They are confirming that there is no higher risk to transfer any parasite or braid of each other. On the contrary: Farmers are saving medicals costs if using an automatic SCHURR cow-brush to clean the hide of their milking cows.

SCHURR 2-brushsystem - automatic brushes for calves, pigs and goats:

Experience and quality is our strength! Over 18 years experiences with our SCHURR 2-brush-system for milking cows are giving us a unique knowledge of brushing and cleaning cows.

Farmers worldwide are knowing this fact!

Over the years also farmers with goats or pigs were contacting us to get information about our 2-brush-system. We were doing some first test-runs and we were successful!

Again and again we are open for new challenges and projects. That’s the reason why we are faster with new ideas than any other company on this field.

We could provide to you a wide range of high quality 2-brush-systems for your farm. Whatever you are keeping: milking cows, calves, goats, pigs - even water buffaloes, donkeys, deer or anything else - contact us for your optimal 2-brush-system.

Animal welfare and safety is the topmost guideline for us. Every animal species have a different characteristic and various demands:

We could guarantee the most usable devices for your animals!

Our newest 2-brush-system is created for best cleaning and massage of calves, pigs and goats!

Regularly brush massage raises the animal welfare. If the animals lift up the brush-system, the motor starts and the brushes turn.
After leaving the system - the brush will stop automatic. The brush is only turning if the animals are at the system.

The height is self adjusting to the heights of the animals. Installation would be made for smaller animals - bigger one lift it up about approx. 25 cm. For all animals it’s very easy to lift it up! Height differences up to 25 could be balanced.

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