E-Brush / M-Brush
Improved cow comfort and welfare

The M-Brush
Rotating angled cow brush

Angled construction allows cows to groom their sides and flanks as well as their backs. 

The E-Brush 
Rotating horizontal cow brush

Compact pendulum style enables easy integration into most livestock buildings.

Features of Both Brushes:

  • Long and short bristles maximise brushing efficiency
  • Bristles made of wear-resistant nylon to improve the longevity of the brush
  • Automatically reversed startup direction maximises brush life
  • The plastic shaft that holds the brush will break when overloaded to prevent damage to the brush and cow
  • Safety further ensured through guards for the motor and gear box and insulation to all components
  • Robust gear box, galvanised main frame and shock absorbers
  • Optional clamps and fasteners enable clamping onto cubicle frames as well as wall-mounting.

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