Animal Hygiene

Image to illustrate animal hygieneGood animal hygiene is paramount for profitability in all livestock production. Keeping animals and their environment clean considerably reduces the risk and spread of diseases, thus supporting high growth and production whilst minimising veterinary costs. In dairy farming, good hygiene practices also promote the production of high quality milk with low bacterial and somatic cell count.

The Agroserve range includes animal hygiene products to help with:

  • Udder hygiene (pre-milking and post-milking)
  • Foot care
  • Bedding hygiene





Udder Hygiene

Image to illustrate udder hygieneOptimal udder health is one, if not the most important, aspect of clean milk and consistent production of high quality milk. The mammary gland is surrounded daily by potentially harmful bacteria which can seriously affect milk quality, yields, and the health of the cow. Furthermore in the event of bacterial entry into the teats and udders there may be associated losses in discarded milk, veterinary and treatment costs, management time and possible culling in the most severe cases.

As the costs are high it is widely accepted that prevention is better than cure. For industry best practice a formal plan is essential and the 6 Point plan is recommended as a very good minimum practice.

  • Always use a recognised method of teat preparation before milking to remove bacteria and soiling.
  • Test and service the milking machine regularly.
  • Treat and record ALL clinical cases of mastitis.
  • Cull chronic cases.
  • Practice dry cow therapy.
  • Always use a teat disinfectant on all cows directly after milking







We have a huge array of sundries stock on our dairy supplies vans that deliver straight to your door, have a look next time they are on farm.  If you have any particular requirements talk to our van sales who will be happy to source for you if possible.

As well as the usual large selection of paper towels and gloves, we also stock Wellies, Springs, Shackles, wipes, brushes, forks, buckets, aprons, spray guns, torches, hand cleaners, tail tape, calf feeders etc.  If you click on the stores tab above you will get a further list of our suppliers and parts.  Ask your van sales person next visit or give them a call with any requirements, you will be surprised at the huge selection we can offer. 


Circulation cleaners

Equipment Hygiene

Illustrative image of waterDairy farming equipment continues to develop at pace, with milking parlours replacing the earlier bucket and round-the-shed systems of earlier generations. Similarly milk cooling systems have changed from open top ice bank designs to closed DX type and supporting ancillary equipment, which has been widely adopted on most if not all farms.

Whatever your requirements and systems, be they traditional, more modern, or state of the art robotic milking, whether you have a small medium or larger sized herd Agroserve has the acquired knowledge and experience to provide cleaning solutions for your farm.

Our formulations, which have all been extensively tested, take into account the nature of the material to be cleaned and removed, the bacteria types present, the water supplies and quality, the compatibility of the chemicals with the construction materials of the equipment, the method of application and user ease and safety. They are supplied in a range of pack sizes to suit all farm sizes and are available nationwide via our manufacturer trained distributors. Although we do not compromise on quality or performance, our products and services offer solutions that are both competitive and cost-effective.

  • Milking parlour hygiene
  • Bulk tank cleaners
  • Manual cleaners
  • Specialist cleaners



Dairy hygiene & sundries

Dairy Hygiene and Sales

We have our Dairy Hygiene Specialist team who operate regular routes across the South West, delivering chemicals and hygiene products to your door providing practical and cost-effective solutions to dairy hygiene, cow housing management etc.

We have free access to GEA/Agroserve technical backup and support with their specialist consultants who can offer on-farm testing and advice in regards to parlour cleaning and bactoscan levels and chemical usage.

We offer quality chemical products that are all 1656 Licenced, meaning you have full confidence that the chemical disinfectant and bactericidal qualities are of the required level to work, and do what it says on the tin!.

We cater for all your parlour and farm requirements. We offer a support and delivery Service. Some of the Products we offer:

  • Pre-dips
  • Post-dips
  • Circulation cleaner
  • Bulk tank cleaner
  • Milk Filter Socks
  • Towels and Gloves
  • Wet wipes
  • Vacuum pump oil
  • Hoofcare
  • Liners
  • Parts and Spares
  • Dairy Hygiene Sundries
  • Protective clothing










 Milk Quality – Bactoscan

Helping dairy producers achieve better milk quality by controlling the total bacteria count in the milk. Our integrated services enable us to work in the three major areas affecting bactoscan and allows the dairy producer to achieve his/her milk quality bonus.

1.Equipment Cleaning and Disinfection
We address all the CIP cleaning factors, chemical and mechanical ones alike: chemical balance, equipment drainage, turbulence, temperature, volume, and cycle times. Consultants perform washing evaluations on site, using special diagnostics tools, and provide recommendations that they
monitor for optimal equipment cleaning and disinfection.

2. Pre-Milking Hygiene
The procedures before milking also have an influence on total bacteria counts in the milk, and good products alone are not enough. GEA Farm Technologies Sales Consultants help milking operators establish milking routines that promote milk quality coupled with consistently high quality milk and optimal udder health.

3. Milk Cooling
As soon as the milk leaves the cow, bacteria start to grow exponentially. Effective cooling is a must to maintain milk quality and lower bacteria counts. Our trained te

chnicians can perform an evaluation of your cooling system to ensure that it promotes milk quality through lower bacteria counts. Our trained technicians can also make recommendations for equipment upgrades, giving you different options according to your individual needs.

Animal Hygiene and Care

Udder Health.
Mastitis is one of the costliest diseases to dairy producers around the world and GEA Farm Technologies is working with them to help them control it. We provide milker training and a wide range of products scientifically proven to control mastitis. We monitor your milk tank somatic cell count and perform teat condition evaluations to get to the issues before they become a problem.

Animal Comfort.Lameness affects your dairy operation in more than one way; it lowers milk production, diminishes the number of lactating cows, increases the number of cows culled, lowers the reproduction index, leads to nutrition problems, increases the number of mastitis cases, and increases the cost of treatment. With our PediCuRx system, GEA Farm Technologies Sales Consultants help dairy producers reduce lameness.


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