24 Hour Breakdown Service

We offer a full 24hr breakdown service to our customers.

Please call the main office number 01884 839393 which will then direct you to the oncall engineer.

Computer sales & support

Computer Sales and Support

South West Dairy Services is happy to supply computers at a competitive price that have the requirements needed to run all your dairy software. Our trained technicians can help install, set-up and provide ongoing support. We can advise on Dairy plan adjustments and make sure you are optimising the use of technology. We also supply splash proof touch screens for use in the parlour.

ISO Plant testing

Plant Testing to ISO 6690.2007 Standards

ISO 6690:2007 specifies mechanical tests for milking machine installations in order to verify compliance of an installation or component with the requirements of ISO 5707. It also stipulates the accuracy requirements for the measuring instruments.

ISO 6690:2007 is applicable for testing new installations and for periodic checking of installations for efficiency of operation. Alternative test methods may be applicable if they can be shown to achieve comparable results.

Milk Plant Testing to ISO 6690.2007 standards check things are all working as they should and protect the cows health e.g. to make sure vacuum levels are not too high. All milking systems should be designed to promote Good Cow Milking by

- Providing fast and complete milking
- Minimising stress to the udder
- Minimising the opportunity for bacteria to spread.

Farm Assurance Schemes

Most milk buyers and farm assurance schemes are likely to stipulate a contractual minimum level of milking machine testing, but often this means an annual static test of the machine - switched on and functioning but not actually milking - to ascertain correct vacuum levels, adequate vacuum reserve, correct pulsation and air leakage characteristics as well as a visual inspection of rubberware.

While this minimum level of testing does indeed test the most important aspects of the parlour's function, a more thorough dynamic test covers several important aspects:

  • Effective milking machine function: measuring milking time per cow, observing teat condition after milking and looking for evidence ofliner slippage problems.
  • Correct milk flow through the plant: ensuring milk is carried away and not allowed to remain in cluster unit clawpieces, 'bathing' teat ends in potentially-contaminated milk.
  • Correct Automatic Cluster Remover settings: which may be identified as a reason why cows are overmilked and suffer teat damage, or undermilked leading to potential mastitis problems.
  • Cow flow and behaviour in the parlour: there may be spurious reasons why this is poor, such as small design problems or even stray electrical voltages.
  • Operator assessment: observing techniques and practices in the parlour, correcting those which may encourage pathogen spread or teat damage.
  • Correct plant cleaning function or technique: monitoring wash temperatures, flow rates, solution distribution and chemical concentrations, particularly in automatic systems.

Herd management systems

Precision Livestock Farming

Best equipped for the future with DMS 21

Today, anyone who wants to produce milk successfully must have a firm grasp of all of the critical factors. All relevant information must therefore be available and monitored and important decisions made and implemented at the right time. The forward-looking Dairy- ManagementSystem 21 is your dependable partner here: maximum flexibility for minimal cost – the best conditions for a successful future.

Precision Livestock Farming - more than just electronic animal identification

In order to be "better equipped" in the future the agricultural business must have the electronics to control the various working processes. It is clear that, in addition to recording data, data monitoring, data maintenance, control and the interactive exchange of data is becoming more and more important. DairyManagement- System 21 from GEA Farm Technologies will help you keep ahead now and in the future. With electronic animal ID, DairyManagementSystem with DairyPlan C21 records production data automatically

Details of milk quantity, conductivity, feed quantities, weight and activity measurement then provide important information for optimal herd management.

Helping to make decisions and controlling decisions.DairyPlan C21 therefore not only provides the basis for making decisions, it also lets you control the success of how the decisions are implemented in detail. Dairy- ManagementSystem with DairyPlan C21 for successful milk production:

  • Optimising yield
  • Optimising herd health
  • Optimising herd fertility
  • Optimising feeding
  • Optimising working efficiency
  • Ensuring product quality

The smooth integration of Metatron 21 and DairyPlan C21 opens up completely new possibilities for optimising your working processes directly at the milking place. Metatron 21 consults the relevant data record provided by DairyPlan C21. All of the accumulated data, such as milk quantity, milk flow and conductivity are recorded and analysed in DairyPlan C21. Processed and formed into graphs, this information can be accessed at any time with a look at the Metatron P21 terminal.

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GEA Farm Services

Individual and cost-efficient product solutions helping to produce the highest quality milk

First-class service, a perfect hygiene concept, original spare parts and supplies! Our hygiene specialists have the expertise to analyse and test your animal, equipment and farm hygiene. They will then give you the best advice on customised products. GEA Farm Technologies technical service specialists provide thorough installation checks supply genuine spare parts along with liners and tubing.

First-class service, a perfect hygiene concept and spare parts and supplies! These characterise Farm Services from GEA Farm Technologies.

Our hygiene specialists have the expertise to analyse and test your animal, equipment and farm hygiene. They will then give you the best advice on customised products to enable you to produce top quality milk at low operational costs.

Our product range of liners and vacuum tubes completes the GEA Farm Technologies hygiene concept. Benefit from our products' reliability, durability and uncompromising quality!

A regular on-farm visit from a GEA Farm Technologies technical service specialist completes the whole package with thorough installation checks and supply of genuine spare parts.


GEA Farm Services' specialists offer on-farm advice on a range of aspects of milk production to help you to achieve top results and the best milk quality at low operational costs.

Hygiene Comcepts
Optimal hygiene standards are the key to success. Products from GEA Farm Technologies range from equipment and facility hygiene to animal hygiene. Our hygiene concept supports the best milk quality and meets the toughest standards of hygienic milk production.

Spare Parts
Using genuine spare parts from GEA Farm Technologies helps to ensure ongoing reliability for high quality milk production.

GEA Farm Technologies' complete range of supplies ensures high quality, durability and reliability! Our service team offers the customised supplies for your farm. Consult us to find out more.

Liners and Tubing
Unique compounds and designs make our liners a great choice for a fast, gentle and complete milking. Our original milk and vacuum tubing are formulated to insure the highest industry standards. Both tubing are specially engineered to be light and flexible for ease milking and milking unit alignment.

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