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The future of feeding is now available from South West Dairy Services Ltd.

According to research (by Krause et al., 2002) it shows that feeding your cows little and often is more beneficial to your herd health and your yields than feeding once or twice a day.

We all know it is not always practical or possible to do this yourself, however help is at hand with the GEA Mullerup automatic feeding systems available from South West Dairy Services Ltd. Feeding and nutrition is one of the most important factors in efficient dairy production. It represents the highest cost in producing a litre of milk and effects herd health which ultimately has an impact on yields.

When a cow eats their rumen pH decreases and so by feeding cows twice a day the pH value decreases to such an extent that there is a risk of rumen acidosis. By feeding little and often it results in a steadier rumen pH which in turn leads to a healthier rumen and eventually improved milk production.

Therefore using automatic feeding systems, such as the Mullerup range from GEA Farm Technologies, will ensure your herd is not only eating more but the food is consistent and fresh. The time you save by not mixing and distributing the food also means you will save time allowing you to focus on other areas such as herd health.

Having installed the first commercial Mullerup system in the UK we have seen the fantastic results of what automatic feeding can achieve first hand.

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