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With the current milk price in decline it is more important than ever to make sure you are getting the highest price possible. Ensuring your cows are in top condition and your equipment routinely maintained will help you achieve that. Many udder health, bactoscan and production problems are caused by milking systems needing routine maintenance.

The most intensely used equipment on a dairy operation is within the milking system. Research proves that proper performance of this equipment has a positive influence on milk quality, cow health and the parlour. Because of its intensive use under tough environmental conditions, milking system performance and reliability will deteriorate over time if proper care is not given, having a significant impact on profitability. If a dairy is not on a scheduled maintenance program, milk quality, cow health, and parlour performance – and therefore profitability – are compromised. In short, they are compromising their profitability.

Liner Change

Have you ever had elevated cell count or mastitis issues shortly after replacing your liners and blamed the new liners? The problem is normally caused by the change in elasticity from the very worn overdue liner to a tight new liner. Cows are very sensitive to change. Replacing your liners on time so the change in elasticity is not so great will stop this problem. An increase is herd size is often over-looked, but it means liner change and servicing may need doing more frequently. An industry benchmark is 2,500 cow milkings as a guide for liner change.

Pulsation performance and vacuum levels can be checked by one of our ‘Parloursafe’ qualified engineers to ISO6690 level. Checking pulsation and vacuum levels at regular intervals is crucial to maintaining the performance of your system and making sure the cows are milked optimally. Periodically measuring a vacuum system’s effective air flow reserve allows for early detection and prevention of cleaning problems, before build-up can occur, bacteria counts increase, and milk quality is affected. Performing visual inspections on critical points in the milking system like receivers, claws, flow meters, and milk pipelines helps keep key components operating optimally, while .

Replace Rubber Goods

Aged rubber components are difficult to clean, and they harbour bacteria, driving up bactoscan numbers. Rubber components always need to be replaced in a timely manner.

Using these simple steps to keep your parlour in peak performance along with regular servicing will help you keep your yields and milk quality high make sure you are achieving the maximum price possible.

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