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Getting cubicles ready for the winter

If your cows have been out for the summer, now is the time to think about your cubicle management, before they come back in for the winter.



South West Dairy Services: Cut energy bills in dairy and save money on milking cows

With the ever increasing cost of electricity taking up a large proportion of production cost, any savings that can be made in this area will help improve profit margins.



Automated flushing and dipping – the next step in parlour automation

With milk prices down, maximising the quality and quantity of milk produced is a priority for dairy farmers, says South West Dairy Services.



Heat detection lowers calving index and boosts dairy profits

How important is your calving index? With ever increasing pressures on your time, and the fact that a lot of bulling activity happens at night and in the early hours, this is something that can prove difficult to keep track of and can easily slip.



South West Dairy Services’ sound advice

With the current milk price in decline it is more important than ever to make sure you are getting the highest price possible. Ensuring your cows are in top condition and your equipment routinely maintained will help you achieve that. Many udder health, bactoscan and production problems are caused by milking systems needing routine maintenance.



WESTCOUNTRY FARMER: Helping to keep West's parlours in the game

There isn’t much that Phil and Rachel Squires don’t know about dairy farmers.



WESTCOUNTRY FARMER: MIone is gaining popularity

The UK’s first MIone automatic milking system was commissioned on October 18, 2011 at Praunsley Farm, Devon. Three years later the Tucker family are still seeing the benefits and so too are other farmers as the number of installations continues to increase.



How robots installed by Devon dairy experts cut our working day in half

Robot milkers are rapidly gaining ground in the dairy sector. Here, in the first of a new monthly column South West Dairy Services look at the advantages.



WESTCOUNTRY FARMER: Feed little and often

The future of feeding is now available from South West Dairy Services Ltd.



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