South West Dairy Services Ltd offers a range of GEA robotic milking systems and automation to suit your farm, whatever the size.

The MIone - the multibox system where one robot arm can attach up to five milking units.  Available with guided entry to ensure only cows that are ready to be milked enter the robot reducing wasted visits.  Guided exit allows for cows to be directed to the feed fence or special needs area.  Free access is also available.

The Monobox – Suitable for all herd sizes, this versatile single unit system carries out all milking processes automatically. Each unit has its own robotic unit that attaches the cluster, pre-dips, strips foremilk, milks, post-dips, detaches and disinfects the cluster. A futuristic ergonomic design that can be integrated into existing and new barn layouts. 

The DairyProQ - The world’s first fully automated external rotary using the same technology as the Monobox.

There are a number of ways to automate your system and reduce labour costs. This includes automatic feeding systems, automatic dipping and backflushing products such as the ApolloMilkSystem,  robotic scrapers, feed pushers, cow brushes, backing gates and more, all of which can free up time to focus on areas such as herd health as well as improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

For more information on any of these products please contact; South West Dairy Service Ltd.   01884 839393 



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