AutoRotor Magnum 40

The AutoRotor Magnum 40 is our premium product. In designing and optimising the AutoRotor Magnum 40 we have taken into account the requirements and  experience of our AutoRotor customers all over the world to enable the user to produce milk easily and effectively to the highest quality. Countless dairy cows, operators and herd managers all over the world value the comfort offered by this internally operated rotary milking parlour. The optimum positioning of the animals and the simple operation of the AutoRotor Magnum 40 are unique. Different types from 16 up to 40 stalls are available.


 AutoRotor Magnum 90

 For more than a decade GEA Farm Technologies has been revolutionising milk production worldwide with their AutoRotor rotary milking parlours. As the market leader in this segment, our priority in designing the AutoRotor Magnum 90 is maximising comfort for operators and animals as well as optimising milking processes. Maximum yield and the best possible milking routine can be achieved by providing:

Maximum comfort for operators

You can always see what’s going on as you have a good view of the milking stall as well as the flow of animals in the entry and exit area. The new design of the AutoRotor Magnum 90 combines maximum safety for the operator along with the best possible view of the animals. PosiControl – the new milking control arm – supports the whole attachment and milking process, makes life easier for the operator, produces better milking results and higher yields.

Maximum comfort for animals

The new design of the AutoRotor Magnum 90 milking stalls provides maximum comfort for the animals too. The friendly, open design of the milking place and the rounded framework encourages cows to walk onto and leave the platform willingly and quickly



 AutoRotor PerFormer

The AutoRotor PerFormer offers a great deal of possibilities. Whether you have a family-run farm or are an investor, whether you have medium-sized or large herds, the flexible concept of the milk carousel allows you to determine the fitments and level of automation that you desire. Minimize the amount of work and personnel you need, design the milking process according to your wishes and carry out logical milking two or more times a day.

With the AutoRotor PerFormer you produce a high standard of milk under high standards of hygiene. And while you are doing this the cows can enjoy the comfort of the less cluttered side-by-side milking equipment. In this way you can securely plan for a profitable milk production in the future.The AutoRotor PerFormer is a combination of many different possibilities:

  • 24 to 80 milking stalls
  • Retention arm for the 2nd round (optional)
  • PosiGuide: the hose guidance for easy attachment and trouble-free milking
  • PosiForm: guide arm for raising and lowering of the milking cluster for improved working ergonomics and hygiene
  • DeMax milk controller units for reliable automatic take-off
  • Metatron / DemaTron milk controller units for professional milking parlour management and exact measurement of the milk volume

 DPView in the AutoRotor milking system:

  • Display of the cows milked
  • Display of the milk volume/hour
  • Display of the duration of milking
  • Display of information on the cows
  • Quick entry via touchscreen


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