EuroClass 800/850 and 800 RE - Milking at its best!

With its time and space saving design, the EuroClass 800/850 herringbone milking parlour is simply unbeatable when it comes to efficiency. The short distances between cow positions (800/850 mm modular dimension) allow sufficent space for the animals to be monitored individually and for the cluster to be applied comfortably through the back legs.

Result: More milking places in the same amount of space as a conventional parlour – giving lower construction costs!

Simply unbeatable efficiency

High efficiency level’s in a successful parlour are achieved where everything runs smoothly and without any stress. The animals enter and leave the milking parlour calmly and quickly through wide passageways. The free-standing, animal-friendly frame design ensures excellent cow position and optimum operator working space, with shorter walking distances and a clear view of the udder.

Result: faster access and shorter milking times. 

With a clear overall view

Regardless of what equipment is installed at the milking place for the operator, milking in the EuroClass 800/850 means: Less stress, higher productivity and enough time and space to ensure careful milking and monitoring of the animals. 

EuroClass 800 RE

The throughput accelerator

Two words for a great step forward “Rapid Exit“ is the name of the EuroClass range that has been designed for medium-sized herds. The crucial difference from the conventional herringbone milking parlour is the new front exit.

The effect: “turbo-speed” exit, much higher throughput, more time saved and greater efficiency.

The figures prove it

With the rapid exit, the time spent moving the animals is approx. 50% shorter compared to a conventional EuroClass 800/850 of the same size. With shorter waiting times for the animals, this means that the throughput is increased by up to 15%. So the rapid exit of your animals is your way into a higher level of productivity

Positioning bonus

The breast rail is curved to match the shape of the animals, enabling fast, perfect positioning of the animals. The effect: time saved thanks to faster application of the clusters, less stress for the operator and animals

Result: improved letdown because there is less stress on the animals. Another bonus is the flexible height adjustment of the breast rail which can be adjusted to suit the different breed sizes.

The gateway to success

Gate controls at milking place with Metatron P/S 21 speed up the group changeover and make work easier for the operator. The integrated DPNet gate controls are clearly designed and easy to use and can be operated from any milking place. This cuts down the distances that operators have to cover and noticeably saves time on the group changeover.

Benefits at a glance

  • Short distances for the operator and animals to cover
  • Higher throughput and better economy thanks to the front exit
  • Ergonomic workplace, easy cleaning and a better view thanks to the free-standing milking parlour frame
  • Rapid positioning and faster cluster application time thanks to the front breast rail with an indexing function
  • Safety and functionality thanks to tried and tested structural components
  • Long service life thanks to high quality materials
  • Indexing breast rails brings the udder nearer to the operator saving on time and effort
  • Lower construction costs (even with the 850 mm modular dimension)
  • Animals always ready for milking because they are more relaxed

EuroClass 1200

An excellent view of the animal

Efficient and versatile milking – this concept has made the EuroClass 1200 herringbone a true classic. The spacious 1200 mm modular dimension provides a lot of space for monitoring the individual animals and ensures an ergonomic working posture.

A view of what’s important

Depending on the milking place equipment, milking in the EuroClass 1200 means that the operator has less to do, can carefully monitor the animals and the milking process and has easy access to the udder.

EuroClass 1200 RE

The figures prove it

With the same size herd, the fact that the animals exit more quickly reduces the changeover time by about 50% compared with the conventional EuroClass 1200. With shorter waiting times for the animals, throughput rates are 15% higher. So, a faster exit for your animals is your passport to higher productivity.

Full marks for positioning

The breast rail with integrated indexing enables rapid yet perfect positioning of the animals. This saves time because the clusters are applied more quickly and milk  is released more easily because the animals are more relaxed. Another bonus is the flexible height adjustment of the breast rail, which makes it adaptable to the various sizes of the different breeds.

Benifits At A Glance

  • Animal-friendly rump rail means greater comfort  for the cows

  • A good view of the udder and easy access to it

  • Integrated electronic milk management means less work for the operator

  • Milking place equipment available in perfectly matched modules

  • Front exit means higher throughput and greater economy

  • The indexing function of the breast rail means rapid positioning and shorter milking times

  • Individually adjustable loading and indexing positions maintain the cows’ readiness for milking

  • Electronic gate control saves time

  • Tried and tested construction elements ensure reliability and functionality

  • High quality materials ensure a long service life

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