DeMax & DemaTron

Optimise Your Team with DeMax or DemaTron Milking, control, and measurement in a new dimension.

The future at a fair price:

DeMax and DemaTron are the latest members of GEA Farm Technologies` milking control unit family. Important functions ease the work-load in the milking parlour and are with you for the whole of the milking time. Subject to unit type – from easy cluster removal through to ICAR-approved milk metering with cluster removal – this product family gives you a best value entry into leading milking control technology.

Once again the right time for milking

With the latest generation of milking control units, you’ll profit, just like your milkers, from a pleasant reduction in workload from the start to the end of milking: gain valuable time with the assurance that DeMax and DemaTron are taking care of the essential milking phases for you!

Configurable to meet your farm’s needs

In complete accordance with the ProFormance philosophy, the DemaTron/ DeMax family can be expanded in a seamless modular manner and installed in existing or newly planned systems. With little effort the DeMax control unit can be upgraded to a DemaTron. From the reliable assistant taking care of gentle and stress-free milking right up to the allrounder with the milk metering to support the herd management, GEA Farm Technologies is able to offer you milking control technology matched to your needs, which will optimise your farm's productivity.

Metatron 21

The seamless integration of Metatron 21 and DairyPlan C21 opens up completely new possibilities for optimising your workflows directly at the milking stall. Metatron 21 captures all and any generated data, such as milk yields, conductivity or inputs (e.g. selection markers) and forwards these to DairyPlan C21 for further processing. The latest values are then compared with the values saved in DairyPlan C21. Graphically processed, this information can be seen at any time with just a quick glance at the Metatron P21 Terminal.

The proven specialist for professional milking management

ICAR approved, for milk control using the Metatron MB metering box, the intelligent Metatron control calculates the milk flow rate and exact milk yields from your cows. An approved milk sampling function is provided as a matter of course. The accuracy and highly precise measurement with minimal measurement error are accredited by the international organisation, ICAR.



Milk stalls fitted with EasyStart make the milking routine quicker and easier. Two work steps less: normally the operator must firstly push the start button to start milkin and secondly pull the ACR rope.

EasyStart does these steps automatically: just lifting the cluster will release the ACR rope to allow the cluster to be moved easily to the milking position. EasyStart takes over the start of the milkingprocess for you!

The benefit:

Quick and easy handling After a few hours working with EasyStart you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

EasyStart is not only for new installations – it can be retrospectively fitted to existing GEA Farm Technologie stainless steel ACR cylinders.

Compatible with the following control units:*

  • Metatron P+S 21
  • DemaTron 60/70
  • DeMax 55/60/80

EasyStart as retrofit for:

  • Metatron 12
  • ACR 3 and ACR 2
  • StimoPuls
  • AutoPuls
  • Omni


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