Equipment Hygiene

Illustrative image of waterDairy farming equipment continues to develop at pace, with milking parlours replacing the earlier bucket and round-the-shed systems of earlier generations. Similarly milk cooling systems have changed from open top ice bank designs to closed DX type and supporting ancillary equipment, which has been widely adopted on most if not all farms.

Whatever your requirements and systems, be they traditional, more modern, or state of the art robotic milking, whether you have a small medium or larger sized herd Agroserve has the acquired knowledge and experience to provide cleaning solutions for your farm.

Our formulations, which have all been extensively tested, take into account the nature of the material to be cleaned and removed, the bacteria types present, the water supplies and quality, the compatibility of the chemicals with the construction materials of the equipment, the method of application and user ease and safety. They are supplied in a range of pack sizes to suit all farm sizes and are available nationwide via our manufacturer trained distributors. Although we do not compromise on quality or performance, our products and services offer solutions that are both competitive and cost-effective.

  • Milking parlour hygiene
  • Bulk tank cleaners
  • Manual cleaners
  • Specialist cleaners



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